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Etap appoints Elensol as its Authorised Systems Integrator

etap_logoElensol has partnered with ETAP for the power system studies, generally known as system studies. We use the proven and reliable software of ETAP and conduct various studies to meet the expectations of our clients. The correct and accurate determination of values in system studies is a must for the safe and smooth running of the plant. Elensol uses the state-of-the-art software of ETAP for conducting the electrical system studies of short circuit analysis, discrimination, relay setting, earthing, lightning, harmonics and system stability.

Elensol uses the technical expertise and know-how of ETAP to conduct real-time integration in running plants, which gives accurate measurements of the various electrical parameters. ETAP software is also used for power monitoring and control systems, whereby the whole plant can be monitored and controlled. Elensol has the right solutions from ETAP to meet the customer needs for system studies in each specific project.

ETAP – headquartered in Irvine, California, United States – is a full spectrum analytical engineering firm specialising in the planning, design, analysis, operation, training and computer simulation of power systems. Incorporated in 1986, the company released the first version of Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) power system analysis and design software. ETAP is the most comprehensive power system enterprise solution. With more than 50,000 licences in over 100 countries, ETAP serves the power system needs from generation to utilisation. ETAP is the only power system analysis software approved for use in the nuclear/high-impact facilities. ETAP Real-Time was launched to meet the growing demands for online system monitoring, simulation, control and automation.

In 1996 ETAP released the first, true 32-bit, power system analysis programme in the market for Windows. ETAP is designed for Microsoft Windows and contains many advanced features including ODBC, multidimensional database, composite network nesting, and more. The company developed ETAP Real-Time to provide online (real-time) monitoring, simulation, control, and supervisory control capabilities. ETAP Real-Time uses real-time data and system topology (ETAP database) to estimate unmonitored power flows and voltages throughout the system.

Today, ETAP is recognised as the global market leader in providing solutions for power system analysis, design, simulation, operation, control, optimisation and automation. The company is the industry leader used worldwide in all types and sizes of power systems, including generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial systems such as oil and gas, manufacturing, steel, cement, mining, data centres, nuclear facilities, transportation, smart grid solutions, renewable energy, and more.