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annunciatorAn Annunciator Panel is a group of lights used as a central indicator of the status of the equipment or the systems in an industrial process, building or any other installation. Normally, the Annunciator Panel includes a main warning lamp or audible signal to draw the attention of the operating personnel to the panel for abnormal events or conditions. The Mosaic Panel is a symbolic illustration combined with dynamic indicators such as lights and meters, providing visualisation of all operations at a glance in a user-friendly interface, which can be modified and extended as plant conditions and control systems change.

Elensol designs, assembles, manufactures, tests and commissions modular and custom-made Annunciator and Mosaic Panels and their associated control circuits to meet the varied requirements of our customers. Our range of panels is diverse from simple alarm panels to complex fire and gas control/shutdown systems. Our engineers design these panels with the latest CAD software and CNC engraving systems, thereby ensuring that the displays can be manufactured as per the specifications of the clients, with a competitive price and quick delivery time. Our Annunciator and Mosaic Panels are the best choice to control and supervise equipment or systems in highly demanding industrial processes from a control room, providing an overall view of the detailed data for each and every one of the involved equipment and the whole process showing most of the crucial and complex operations.

The complex process and utility installations in today’s world, with their supervisory facilities, often need to be adapted or reconfigured to suit new conditions. Our Annunciator Panels has applications where extreme environmental conditions are encountered, the combination of simplicity, noise immunity and proven reliability of the logic circuits used make the relay systems perfectly suited for desert or arctic environments, shipboards, oil platforms, or any place with limited access to technical support. Clear, accurate and concise information is critical, when it comes to public safety. To fulfil this requirement, Elensol has introduced fully customized UV-colour printed Annunciator Panels. These panels, whether indoor or outdoor, are ideal for long-term use and are highly resistant against inclement weather, fading and scratches.

mosaicOur Mosaic Panels offer the most flexible, reliable and economical approach to process visualisation, making them highly popular with planners as well as control room operators. These panels have the capacity to display any amount of data in an easy to view and operate manner. The Elensol Mosaic Panels are made to bespoke customer requirements. Our in-depth expertise in this field empowers us to conceptualise, design and manufacture any type of visual display systems, no matter how complicated your industrial process is. Our Mosaic Panels, versatile enough to suit any requirement, are designed to be highly visual, with coloured graphics and clear symbols, which complement electrical components such as meters, switches and lamps. Another significant feature of our Mosaic Panels is the ability to easily modify a system in the field once it has been already installed, thereby eliminating down time, and minimising costs and implementation time.