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Low Voltage SwitchGear



generator1Generator Management Systems are used for generator control, synchronization and load sharing applications. Elensol has extensive experience and expertise in analogue and digital control systems for synchronising and load sharing in the genset industry. Our Generator Management Systems are all-rounders in various highly demanding applications. Whether your requirement is in single genset or group, in island or mains parallel, there is a perfect version of our Generator Management System for every application, which provides a comfortable and user-friendly operation.


Apart from regular installation, we also provide custom-engineered solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. For all applications, we offer complete solutions, which include switch cabinet and monitoring devices Elensol also provides Generator Management Systems to interface with existing analogue facilities to be expanded to solutions with complete control boards. These systems have proven their suitability for land-based, offshore and marine applications.


generator2The elensol Generator Management Systems have a predetermined range of functions and communication interfaces suitable for user configuration via the appropriate communication software. The salient features of our innovative software-based Generator Management Systems include the ability to check the generator status via a computer, start or stop the generator set from your computer; clear faults from your computer and view time- and date-stamped event history listing generator set starting and stopping, faults, and notifications.
The sophisticated Generator Management Systems from elensol guarantee reliable operation, low investment costs, maximum efficiency and minimum service requirements