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mainboard1Power Distribution is a system, consisting of a Main Distribution Board (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) and Final Distribution Boards, by which the electrical energy is transmitted via branches to reach the exact end user. An MDB is a panel or enclosure that houses the fuses, circuit breakers and ground leakage protection units where the electrical energy, which is used to distribute electrical power to numerous individual circuits or consumer points, is taken in from the transformer or an upstream panel. An MDB typically has a single or multiple incoming power sources and includes main circuit breakers and residual current or earth leakage protection devices. The MDB then feeds SMDBs, which is installed generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates and several smaller sub-circuits start. The SMDB feeds the Final Distribution Board, which then feeds electrical energy to the end user.


elensol offers a wide range of MDBs and SMDBs – engineered and assembled by us under the licence from our partner Eaton Electric– for every application in electrical power transmission and distribution as well as control technology. These MDBs and SMDBs are manufactured to meet the client requirements, complying with the local regulations and conforming to the relevant IEC/NEMA standards. Our engineers have been regularly interacting with electrical consultants and contractors. The thoughts they have shared with us empower us to produce an innovative range of MDBs and SMDBs, which will meet tomorrow’s requirements today. We manufacture MDBs and SMDBs with wide ratings, complying up to Form 4/Type 7 designs, both fixed and fully withdrawable. When we are designing an MDB or an SMDB, service and maintenance of our equipment play a major role in our thinking. With the ever-increasing requirement for thermal imaging of electrical installations, we build our distribution boards to suit these requisites. We can also create custom-built MDBs and SMDBs (all ratings), where the modular system is not feasible or suitable.


main-board2elensol MDBs have evolved through many years of intimate knowledge and feedback from consulting engineers, electrical contractors and end users to provide solutions to a wide range of electrical distribution applications in commercial and industrial buildings. These boards deliver safe, reliable and high performance protection of electrical power distribution systems in accordance with relevant industry standards, taking distribution to a new level. Our MDBs are fully type-tested, deliver increased versatility and are developed to respond to the needs of modern industrial and commercial building applications. We carry out assembly, wiring and testing of the MDBs as standard. Wide ranges of configurations are possible with just a small number of standard components.


Electrical contractors can endeavour all installation possibilities, with sturdy wall mounting cabinets for surface mounting, flush, or partly recessed applications, with elensol SMDBs. Along with our modular panel systems, these cabinets allow for quick, simple and safe planning, installation and operation of versatile distribution assemblies. The boards come complete with fixed busbar assemblies and are fully type-tested, utilising a sheet steel enclosure. The SMDB components are designed in such a way that all protection and modular devices can be fitted using only a screwdriver. Our flexible floor standing distribution board design concept is made from a modular framework that can be adjusted height-, width- and depth-wise to the customers’ specifications, subject to the limits in our design standardisation.