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Softstarter1A Soft Starter is a device used with AC electric motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque during the start-up in the power train of it. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft as well as the electro-dynamic stresses on the attached power cables and electrical distribution network, thereby extending the lifespan of the system. Soft Starters can consist of mechanical or electrical devices, or a combination of both. While the mechanical Soft Starters include clutches and several types of couplings using a fluid, magnetic forces, or steel shot to transmit torque, similar to other forms of torque limiter, the electrical Soft Starters can be any control system that reduces the torque by temporarily reducing the voltage or current input, or a device that temporarily alters how the motor is connected in the electric circuit.


Elensol presents a diverse line of Soft Starters to meet the communication, control and space requirements of your demanding applications. The range includes reduced-voltage starters, which are multi-functional, easy to install and easy to programme. Our starters provide microprocessor-controlled starting for standard three-phase induction motors. We offer many standard modes of operation within a single controller. The regular modes of operation available include soft start with selectable kick start, dual ramp start, current limit start with selectable kick start and full voltage start. These starters are designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors, with options available for current ranges from 0.8 amp to 1,000 amp. Our Soft Starter designs reduce overall system power requirements, and wear and tear on equipment, thereby minimizing the cost. The ability of our Soft Starters to easily integrate into different intelligent motor control solutions enables them to offer higher productivity and shorter downtimes.


softstarter2Whether you require a fully featured motor control solution or a simple motor starter, we have a perfect product to match your requirements. Our engineers have extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of motor control applications, which will facilitate you to select your ideal Soft Starter solution. The elensol Soft Starter range is the most compact range available in the market; incorporates superior start-stop characteristics, providing the ideal solution for most applications; maximize efficiency for motor starts and stops; has robust designs, ensuring excellent performance even in harsh environments; allows a smaller footprint than others available in the market; and offers many advanced monitoring and protection features to help keep your application running smoothly or ease troubleshooting during downtime. It is ideal for heavy-duty and highly demanding industrial, marine, offshore, commercial, residential and infrastructure applications.