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System Study



Earthing protection is required by the regional, national and international electrical codes and is usually installed on all electrical installations.Earthing of electrical equipment serves many important purposes, the first one being ensuring safety from overvoltages, faults and lightning for the people and equipment. Earthing also provides stability of system voltages. Before the main service overcurrent protection kicks in, a low level arcing ground fault can destroy switchgear in seconds because a solidly grounded system has enough voltage to maintain an arc between one phase and a ground, but not enough current to cause a large main breaker or fuse to quickly clear the fault. A properly installed and operating Earthing System will detect and clear the fault in milliseconds, quick enough to limit damage to acceptable levels.


Elensol can conduct a System Study of any Earthing System to determine its effectiveness. Our Earthing System Study can detect problems such as wrong current sensor installation and polarity, causing false tripping; neutral grounded downstream or neutral bonded to ground in wrong location, causing false or inadequate tripping; failure to trip within manufacturer’s tolerances, causing inadequate protection; and inadequate control power or connections, causing lack of trip of the protective device. Our Earthing System ensures safety of personnel, limits equipment damage, and extends equipment life. In our Earthing System Study, the tests normally performed are neutral main bonding connection inspection, field acceptance testing, verification of proper installation of sensors and grounding connections, current injection tests to verify pick-up and timing characteristics of the relay, and verification of operation of special features like zone interlocks.


The safety of individuals, who work and live around electric power installations, is of great concern. The proper design of Earthing Systems is the key element to improve safety parameters and to protect the lives of all people who are in close proximity to the electrical power systems. The ground potential rise of a grounded structure, during unbalanced faults, presents a risk of electrocution to anyone who comes in contact with the grounded structure. We provide a fully graphical tool that allows for the design of a proper ground grid system, which adheres to IEEE. Elensol is one of the few companies in the Middle East that are capable of offering a complete Earthing design and installation service – from initial site investigations, to studies of existing Earthing Systems, through complete Earthing design utilising industry-recognised software. We carry out Earthing System Study for hydro electric power stations, diesel generating stations, thermal power stations, nuclear power stations, and various other industrial, commercial, residential and utility units.