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System Study



Harmonic System Studies are performed to determine harmonic distortion levels and filtering requirements within a facility. Many big manufacturing, industrial, commercial and institutional clients are concerned while installing large shunt capacitor banks or harmonic filters, the important concerns being harmonic resonance, increased harmonic distortion, switching surges and over-voltage as a result of adding power factor correction equipment. According to the majority of informed customers, to insure that the power factor correction capacitor and the harmonic filter bank are properly designed to prevent any adverse affects on the power system, the best way is to conduct a Harmonic System Study. The results of a Harmonic System Study will provide recommendations on equipment design, installation and operational features to meet the requirements of the customers.


The possibility for harmonic distortion troubles is dependent on two major factors, i.e. the level of harmonic current generation which can be associated with loads in the plant and the system frequency response characteristics. The application of harmonic filters will considerably change the frequency response of a power system. Elensol conducts Harmonic System Study for medium and low voltage power systems. These studies are performed to evaluate the potential impact on the power distribution systems, when applying shunt capacitor banks and/or harmonic filters. While field measurements and computer simulations are used to characterise adjustable speed drives and other nonlinear loads, computer simulations are conducted to evaluate the filter specifications and effectiveness. To determine the effectiveness of the proposed filter installation, an evaluation of the harmonic voltage and current limits is completed.


In almost every industrial project, Harmonic System Study is an important and necessary task for consultants and engineers, since thyristor-controlled equipment are extensively used in most industrial plants. In industrial power systems, there are many sources of harmonics. All these sources have a nonlinear voltage-current operating relationship as a common characteristic. Because of other offending sources on the line feeding the plant, harmonics can be produced in a plant and/or may enter a plant from the electric utility power system. A Harmonic System Study should be performed before adding power factor correction capacitors to any power system known to have harmonics. A decision not to conduct a Harmonic System Study is an invitation to harmonic resonance problems. Our Harmonic System Study will pay for itself in reduced utility costs, improved system operations and overall power quality improvements. Elensol engineers conduct proper Harmonic System Studies of industrial power distribution systems in accordance with internationally recognized standards and good engineering practices.