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Site Services



We offer electrical project management site services for the control and co-ordination of various industrial, commercial, residential and utility projects. This includes scheduling, team structure, trade co-ordination, day-to-day management, reports, environmental and safety programmes, cost control, organisation, milestones and goals. Elensol provides site services to major electrical engineering installations in the Middle East. The benefits of our good design and planning will provide the customers the best value over the construction programme, improve health and safety, reduce environmental impact and utility consumption costs, and thereby offer best value for money.


Elensol provides supervision of commissioning/pre-commissioning and site acceptance testing, which involves the testing and proving of the installation on site, installed and connected as an operational system. We also provide reporting and inspection services, which are normally short-term engagements, requiring a visit to the site for a specific purpose. The company provides supervision of site erection with suitably talented people to be on site to provide day-to-day direction and checking of the site work.


Elensol provides a comprehensive capability in installation of electrical packages, covering site erection of electrical equipment and components, and cable support systems; installation of site cabling, glanding and terminating; and installation of earthing and lightning protection. Our installations are carried out to the highest quality and are fully compliant with all required international standards and codes of practices. Our extensive electrical installation site services are designed to meet relevant Regulations, and are available on or off site. We ensure that all systems and components of the project are installed according to the specific project requirements. The safe and orderly handover of the systems is fundamental to the installation process and we guarantee its operability in terms of performance, reliability and safety at all times.


Our time-served installation technicians and management team can provide a complete range of packages from a standalone resource to a fully tailored solution, covering electrical installations in industrial, commercial, residential, utilities, infrastructure, power generation and distribution, oil and gas, offshore, marine, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, paper and pulp, mining and metals, transportation, and building services. Elensol installation expertise encompasses all technical and commercial aspects of electrical engineering installation services. We are experienced in delivering installation services for complex, high-value and multi-site projects in both the public and private sectors. Our teamwork/partnering approach is driven by a commitment to understanding customer needs and delivering the best value in installation site services. We consider completing projects on time and on budget as our top priority.