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Worldwide, the lighting industry has gone through unprecedented changes. Industrial buildings, like all other workplaces, need well-planned lighting systems to support different activities. While appropriate quantities of light are essential, quality issues are just as important in providing a comfortable and safe working environment. When the lighting facilities in an industrial unit meets both quantity and quality needs, it adds measurably to the worker performance and productivity. Good lighting design always reduces costs.


Numerous design criteria have to be considered, and the visual tasks involved and the operating conditions at an industrial facility have to be taken into account, while creating a good industrial lighting system. To provide a comfortable and safe work atmosphere, it is significant to consider the appropriate quantities of light for various tasks as well as the quality issues that are equally important. The Elensol lighting design holds the expertise to determine the quality of illumination needed for a particular manufacturing process, the quantity of illumination required at the process and the appropriate lighting level required for safety.


We make sure the three elements – quality, quantity and safety – are appropriately considered in the final design, and review the energy, economic and operating characteristics of the lighting system. As per our design, the listed or approved lighting equipment that satisfy all the requirements, including mechanical performance, is considered while preparing a lighting fixture layout that responds to the concerns of maintainability and safety. The Elensol lighting design engineers work with architects, designers and clients to provide a seamless lighting design service to bring your property to a bright life. Our in-depth understanding of new technologies ensures energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and greater benefits to our customers.


Elensol provides full-service lighting design to fulfil the ever-demanding requirements of sectors like industrial, commercial, residential, utilities, infrastructure, power generation and distribution, oil and gas, offshore, marine, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, paper and pulp, mining and metals, transportation, and building services. Our experienced team, with its diverse background and domain of expertise, has proved its ability to offer original, effective and distinctive solutions in every lighting project it takes on. Our lighting design services, which include concept design, design development, follow up and commissioning, are tailored to meet the specific lighting needs of our clients. Our lighting designers will ensure that you are confident in incorporating the latest technologies to fulfil your vision in creating a property with state-of-the-art, cost-effective, sustainable and healthy lighting facilities.