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Since lightning has the power to tear through structures, blow up walls made of brick and concrete, mess up steel and stir up deadly fires, the cost of this destruction can be devastating, not to say deadly. The potential losses due to damages to equipment, interruptions to business and injuries to personnel caused by lightning can be an enormous expense for companies. A properly designed and installed lightning protection system, however, can minimise this threat to your business. A designated path is provided for the lightning current to travel, by the lightning protection system. When a property is appropriately equipped with a lightning protection system, it intercepts and guides the destructive lightning current harmlessly into the ground, thereby leaving the structure, personnel and equipment safe and unharmed.


Lightning protection systems have been in use in one way or another for over 250 years, much before electricity was exploited as a usable form of power. Engineering and construction standards for lightning protection have been circulated internationally for over 100 years. Various governmental and private organisations analysing statistics, during the past century, on the performance of lightning protection systems have found that they are highly effective. Statistics from insurers verify that these systems prevented damage due to lightning approximately 99% of the time, when installed in accordance with the accepted engineering standards. The Elensol lightning protection system design is not only based on the detailed design requirements presented in various international codes and standards for lightning protection but also established on the basic physics associated with lightning protection systems and how they affect the system design.


Elensol – an industry leader with extensive experience and expertise in the design of lightning protection systems – can help you eliminate your risk of lightning damage. Our lightning protection system design process complies with internationally recognised safety standards and industry guidelines. Apart from structural damages, electrical surges caused by lightning can enter your business through power lines, communication lines and other utility lines. Our engineers are experts in the design of lightning and surge protection systems for commercial, industrial and residential properties.


While a professional lightning protection system will protect your structure, there is still possibility for damage to the expensive electronic equipment your company uses because harmful electrical surges can enter your building through power lines, communication lines and other utility lines. The qualified lightning protection system design experts from Elensol can guide you in terms of installing surge protection that is customised to meet your company’s specific needs and protect your valuable electronic equipment as well.