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System Study



Lightning has become a bigger threat as buildings have become taller. Lightning can damage structures made of most materials – masonry, wood, concrete and steel – as the huge currents involved can heat materials to high temperature. Today’s lightning protection systems must protect modern appliances, electrical systems and building constructions, while keeping pace with the ever-changing requirements of modern technology. Every year, many industrial, utility, infrastructure, commercial and residential assets are damaged or destroyed by lightning. The loss of business, downtime and liability that occur when units are forced to shut down to repair lightning damage are enormous. Insurers now require higher levels of safety for facilities, including the installation of the right lightning protection systems.


Some industrial and commercial properties have a higher risk of lightning damage. If you are in the process of considering installation of a lightning protection system for your property, you may want to assess this risk involved with it. Elensol has highly experienced engineers capable of conducting a system study on any complex lightning protection equipment. We conduct system studies for lightning protection equipment by inspecting system components and checking completed installations, which are required to comply with internationally recognised standards for lightning protection systems.


The Elensol lightning protection system study aims at minimising the risk of significant property damage caused by lightning strikes; providing you assurance that your certified lightning protection system has been thoroughly tested to give maximum protection for building exteriors and interiors, including electrical and electronic equipment; helping protect your investment from liability, downtime and loss of business in the event of lightning damage; demonstrating your commitment to safety to insurers, local authorities and commercial tenants; and providing you with tools to make informed choices when selecting the lightning protection equipment and an installer for those equipment.