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System Study


Load Flow Analysis

A Load Flow Analysis determines how an electrical system will perform during the normal and emergency operating conditions, thereby providing the information needed to develop equipment specification guidelines, identify transformer tap settings, optimise circuit usage, minimise kW and kVar losses and develop practical voltage profiles. Proper design of electrical systems helps control initial capital investment and future operating costs. The electrical system is appropriately designed to fulfil the desired performance criteria by conducting a Load Flow Analysis using multiple scenarios. Depending on the system configuration, generation and loading conditions, the Load Flow Analysis calculation method is decided.


Load Flow Analyses are commonly used to probe real and reactive power flow, component or circuit loading, power system losses, proper transformer tap settings and bus voltage profiles. Our Load Flow Analysis programme empowers the customers to create and validate system models with ease and accuracy and calculate the power flow for single-phase, three-phase, panel and UPS systems simultaneously. We conduct Load Flow Analyses using innovative software that simulate actual steady-state power system operating conditions, thereby facilitating the evaluation of real and reactive power flow, bus voltage profiles and losses. The state-of-the-art Elensol Load Flow Analysis software solutions provide graphical display of results including load terminal voltage, branch losses, transformer LTC settings and voltage drop calculation.


The elensol Load Flow Analysis tools calculate branch power factors, power flows, currents and bus voltages throughout an electrical system with accurate and reliable results. Our Load Flow Analysis tools empower the plant operators to get more capacity out of the existing assets, reduce the operating and maintenance costs, and decrease the unexpected downtime. These solutions also offer automatic device evaluation, summary alarms and warnings for overloaded electrical devices with intelligent graphic displays. Our expertise in Load Flow Analysis and the related innovative solutions enable us to deliver key features like alerts and warnings summary, automatic equipment evaluation, load flow result analyser and intelligent graphics, thereby making us the most sought-after Load Flow Analysis solution provider in the region.


The salient features of elensol Load Flow Analysis expertise are advanced solution techniques for fast convergence, new alert view to display critical and marginal limit violations, new summary output report on bus loadings and overload conditions, voltage drop calculations, load forecasting, single phase load flow display, global and individual bus diversity factors, generator governor/exciter control settings, option to automatically adjust transformer tap and LTC/regulator settings, option to select any loading category, bus/transformer/cable overload warning, option to update the database from load flow solutions, power factor correction, and individual demand factors for continuous, intermittent and spare operating conditions.