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System Study



The motor acceleration system study is an important area in terms of electrical engineering. It evaluates proper starting and running of motors on load with given system inertia without causing tripping or instability in the system. These studies are essential in determining the impact on system voltage during starting and in establishing whether the motor will start satisfactorily and come up to speed. The result of these studies allows engineers to start motors individually, use load transitioning to test the impact of fast bus transfer voltage, and enable load-group actions. In various electrical installations in industrial and commercial units, engineers are continuously verifying and stimulating motor acceleration systems to determine whether they are working properly. The essential areas they must evaluate are the starting, stopping and restarting of electrical motors.


If the system voltage drops to less than 75 per cent, all motors would drop from the bus and other sensitive loads may also trip. The elensol motor acceleration system study empowers engineers to evaluate thoroughly the impact of load changes to electrical systems. We check for any abnormal operating conditions, after the motor starting calculations are completed. Our study will identify marginal and overstressed devices and generate a summary of alerts. Our engineers perform the motor acceleration system studies by using state-of-the-art ETAP power system analysis software, allowing them to carry out testing procedures and motor starting simulation techniques. This software enables our engineers to not only test the motor acceleration and starting, but also simulate dynamic motor models and motor starting equipment; evaluate system voltage flicker; and take note of sequence starting, percent load transitioning, and warning alarms.


The elensol motor acceleration system study features help engineers carry out motor starting evaluations, containing unlimited event scenarios so that many different testing procedures can be carried out on multiple, different types of motors. This analysis empowers the engineers to compare the different responses on these motors to each other. Our motor acceleration system study lets engineers simulate load change of running motors, load tap changers and voltage regulators. Our expertise in motor acceleration analysis allows us for the easiest means of simulating motor acceleration and evaluating the results in order to make improvements in the future operations of the electric motor. Another important feature of our motor acceleration system study is the ability to enter detailed pre-start conditions for motor generation and loading. Our motor acceleration system study allows engineers to perform the necessary evaluations, report on them and correct abnormalities all within the same system.