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Any electrical system is regularly prone to faults. When a fault occurs, the normal functioning of the electrical system gets disturbed. The high current resulting from the fault may stress the electrical conductors and the connected equipment thermally as well as electro-dynamically. Arcs at the fault point can cause dangerous or even fatal burn injuries to the operating and maintenance personnel in the unit. Faults involving one phase and ground give rise to high touch-and-step voltages, posing major danger to the personnel working in the unit. Therefore, it is an absolute necessity to detect and clear any fault in an electrical system quickly. You can keep your company and personnel in proper safety with a properly designed and comprehensive electrical power protection system. In recent years, the world has seen an exponential increase in the awareness on what structural changes are required in the residential, commercial and industrial environments, in order to enhance energy efficiency to the optimum levels. A properly designed electrical metering system can help them to identify the wasteful energy usage in their installations, thereby reducing the overall electricity use substantially.


One of the core competencies of elensol is in the design of electrical protection and metering systems. Our extensive knowledge in the electrical protection and metering system design allows us to provide customised and integrated turnkey solutions for our clients. Our engineers design these systems with the latest ETAP & CAD software. Our in-depth expertise in this field empowers us to design any type of electrical protection and metering systems, no matter how complicated your industrial process is. Our vast experience in the electrical protection and metering system design fulfil the ever-demanding requirements of sectors like industrial, commercial, residential, utilities, infrastructure, power generation and distribution, oil and gas, offshore, marine, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, paper and pulp, mining and metals, transportation, and building services.


Elensol offers basic and detailed design capabilities on all electrical protection and metering systems for both new and retrofit applications in high-, medium- and low- voltage protection schemes. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers, technicians and skilled people can provide expertise in the design of electrical protection and metering systems for any complicated industrial process. When working on electrical systems, our experts are often able to perform live line work, which means no power interruptions, so that your facility can remain productive. We can provide know-how which you may not have within your organization, including protection, control and metering designs, station integration, and substation SCADA designs.