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Load Flow Analysis

The Elensol Load Flow Analysis tools calculate branch power factors, power flows, currents and bus voltages throughout an electrical system with accurate and reliable results. Our Load Flow Analysis tools empower the plant operators to get more capacity out of the existing assets, reduce the operating and maintenance costs, and decrease the unexpected downtime. These solutions also offer automatic device evaluation, summary alarms and warnings for overloaded electrical devices with intelligent graphic displays. Our expertise in Load Flow Analysis and the related innovative solutions enable us to deliver key features like...


Earthing protection is required by the regional, national and international electrical codes and is usually installed on all electrical installations.Earthing of electrical equipment serves many important purposes, the first one being ensuring safety from overvoltages, faults and lightning for the people and equipment. Earthing also provides stability of system voltages. Before the main service overcurrent […]


Discrimination is a very important aspect of an electrical system design that is often overlooked. Discrimination is critical in ensuring that only the protection equipment immediately upstream of a fault will trip so that the balance of the electricity supply still works. Electrical discrimination occurs when a smaller circuit breaker/fuse, placed closer to an electrical […]


Lightning has become a bigger threat as buildings have become taller. Lightning can damage structures made of most materials – masonry, wood, concrete and steel – as the huge currents involved can heat materials to high temperature. Today’s lightning protection systems must protect modern appliances, electrical systems and building constructions, while keeping pace with the […]


The proper sizing of electrical cables is important to ensure that it can withstand the worst short circuit currents flowing through, operate continuously under full load without being damaged, provide the load with a suitable voltage and avoid excessive voltage drops, and ensure operation of protective devices during an earth fault. The cable sizing system […]


Harmonic System Studies are performed to determine harmonic distortion levels and filtering requirements within a facility. Many big manufacturing, industrial, commercial and institutional clients are concerned while installing large shunt capacitor banks or harmonic filters, the important concerns being harmonic resonance, increased harmonic distortion, switching surges and over-voltage as a result of adding power factor […]


The motor acceleration system study is an important area in terms of electrical engineering. It evaluates proper starting and running of motors on load with given system inertia without causing tripping or instability in the system. These studies are essential in determining the impact on system voltage during starting and in establishing whether the motor […]


The relatively high currents, flowing as the result of a fault in an electrical system, produce large amounts of destructive energy in the forms of heat and magnetic forces. After the initial design and before the implementation of an electrical distribution system, short circuit system study is a critical, yet, most of the times, an […]